A Card-Carrying Member


If you're an improviser you're a member of an exclusive club made up of passionate lovable weirdos who enjoy spending their evenings and weekends making fools of themselves in front of other people for no money at all. 

I caught a show in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago put on by the International Theater Stockholm. Lucky for me it was English night because my Swedish vocabulary only includes the really important words like: coffee, thank you, hello, and cheers. 

Three brave teams with players from different countries, with different accents, and different backgrounds came together to make us laugh in English with short-form games and a long-form set.

Even though I'd never met any of the players except for one, I knew them all. Because I know what it feels like when the music and the clapping stops, the lights go up, and you and your team have to make everything up on the spot...


I'm a proud member of this international club.