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Follow the Fear designs learning experiences that focus on building creative leadership skills for work and life. Sample topics below and past session examples here.

We combine play and expert facilitation using methods and tools inspired by comedy and improv theater, digital innovation and design processes, experience-based learning and organizational change theories. Find out more about our philosophy and process here.

“Follow the fear” is a philosophy that means to move towards the experiences that scare you. Only when you wave goodbye to your comfort zone can you begin to learn and grow.


Leadership Programs and Workshops  Photo by  Efe Kurnaz  on  Unsplash


True leadership starts from within. Explore your strengths and growth areas, and the art of self-facilitation. Recognize how your behaviors and emotions affect others. Valuable for people who manage teams and projects, are self-employed, or transitioning careers.

Sample sessions:

  • Be Agile: Future of Work Skills

  • Group + Process Facilitation

  • The Digital Mindset

  • Leading Mindfully

Communications workshops and programs. Photo by  Cristian Palmer  on  Unsplash


Find your voice to present yourself and pitch your work with confidence. Understand the power of listening and responding in real time to inspire people to act. Valuable for anyone who wants to be more persuasive and clear in their speaking abilities - in front of groups or in 1-to-1 interactions.  

Sample sessions:

  • Tell Your Story: Persuasive Pitching

  • Effective Feedback + Difficult Conversations

  • For Women: Amplify Your Voice

  • Speakers/Facilitator/Trainer Coaching

Facilitation service for meetings, conferences, events, classes and programs. Photo by  Nil Castellví  on  Unsplash


Create and play like a kid again. Learn new methods to connect with the individuals on your team to achieve shared goals. Take risks to push past creative resistance to solve problems, together. Valuable for teams in any industry as well as creatives and entrepreneurs.

Sample sessions:

  • Building A Collaborative Culture

  • Ideation Tools for Big Ideas

  • The Innovator’s Mindset

  • Interactive Conference + Event Design



A big part of our mission is to lift up women at work and beyond. Some of the above sessions have been specifically designed for women, and we’re always excited to create something new. Please contact us if you have something in mind.


Seeking a fresh and fun perspective on how an improv mindset can help you be a better at work and life? We love speaking at conferences and events, chatting on podcasts, and contributing content to your publication.