I'm a Writer (Apparently)

My online self is a facilitator, writer, and comedian. You can read that here on my bio page, on my LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. I can write that I’m a writer with ease.

What I cannot do easily is say OUT LOUD that I’m writer. I'm afraid about the follow up questions that I'll have to field, like:

What do you write? Where do you write it? Can I read it? 

While I’ve always written, I have never believed that writing makes me a “writer”.

When I was young I wrote stories with a pencil and paper about princesses and time travel. As a teenager I wrote my feelings (mostly about cute boys and being annoyed at my parents) in diaries, and now as an adult, I document my experiences in a journal (let's be real: this a fancy word for a diary).

I've always processed my experiences, emotions and insights through words on a page or on a screen. Writing has always been a part of who I am. But, still…I didn’t go to school for writing. I have not published a book.

What if I tell people I’m a writer and WHAT IF THEY BELIEVE ME? 

Recently I had the opportunity to share a secret with a group of strangers. We had to choose something that makes us uncomfortable to say out loud. I told them that although I write, I don’t like to say I’m a writer. Because I feel like a fraud.

There. I said it. Out loud. And I wrote it. Here.

What are you afraid to say out loud? 


A wonderful book that helps me deal with my creative doubts: Art & Fear

The best notebook in the world made from stone not paper! Ogami