How to Live? Keep it Interesting

Del Close, the godfather of modern improvisational theater said: 

"The improviser's job is to live an interesting life, then tell people about it."

I resonate with this deeply because it means that improv at its core is not acting, or comedy, or theater, it's simply the expression of life. 

Cool. Everyone on Earth currently is living, but how to live an interesting life?

For me this means to stay curious, keep learning, failing, and exploring. I try to have as many new experiences as possible, which is not an easy feat as an adult. I get stuck in routines and comfort zones, and regular paychecks, and dinner delivered to my door with the press of button in 15 minutes or less. 

Children, however, live very interesting lives because almost everything and everyone around them is brand new. They navigate these new, strange things and people in the moment with natural grace.  

After spending an afternoon with my 2-year-old nieces and nephew (triplets, no joke), I can attest that kids' are totally interesting and totally interested in the simplest things like a water bottle. (That kick-ass wooden toy dog I bought them? Forgotten after one minute) 

To keep my life interesting I travel outside the country, where I wake up in a new city with new people, new food, a new language, a new culture, all of it coming at me in full force! These experiences make me feel truly alive. 

For the next two and a half weeks I'm off to Greece to seek out new and interesting experiences. And also to absolutely KILL in a show when the audience suggestion is "feta cheese."