Lisa’s workshop was a challenging, energizing way to spark creativity. Her exercises pushed us to look at things from new angles and to stop judging our ideas. And of course, they were lots of fun!
— Hillary Nussbaum, Co-Leader, Filmshop
Lisa’s “Persuasive Pitches + Presentations” workshop was invaluable for helping me shape the pitch of my new feature film. I learned to tell a story and take people on an emotional journey - instead of selling something - as well as make my pitch personal and relatable on a human level.
— Michael Goldburg, Home on the Range Productions
Lisa and Jackie changed the way I think about and approach communication. I feel better prepared to tackle stressful situations after this!
— Hanne Brynildsen, Category Manager,
This workshop was a breath of fresh air! As a severe introvert, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get through the workshop, but the laid back and supportive atmosphere that Lisa created quickly brought me out of my shell, and I was able to relax my mind and bring out the more creative and fun side of myself.

I couldn’t believe how much fun I had while learning how to think and speak on my feet! I HIGHLY recommend this workshop!
— Dawn O'Keefe, Systems Specialist, Con Edison
Lisa’s workshop was exciting, fun, productive, stimulating, hilarious, and taught me important things about myself - that I need to work on empathy and discipline in my life, and there’s always room for growth and improvement. Thank you Lisa!

— Reuben Hernandez, Filmmaker & Photographer
I use many of the tools and exercises we did with my students who are designers and entrepreneurs. Improv builds soft skills and is a great way to train your brain.
— Kiely Sweatt, Program Manager, 30 Weeks
Improv is fun to do and watch, but the most important insight for me was learning the “why” behind the exercises, and the improvisation theories. Lisa is a strong facilitator who tied the activities to skills that helped me understand how it would apply directly to work and life.
— Buz Sawyer, Change Agent, Former President & CEO of Cheil Americas
THE MOST FUN I HAVE EVER HAD AT A WORKSHOP. I cannot believe how spot on one can translate tools from improv into real life situations.
— Elle, Graphic Designer, Equinox
A great way to get out of your comfort zone and discover why you should be using the “yes and” ethos every day.
— Daniel Castro, Creative Director, Sky Pie Studio
Lisa is an attentive and discerning facilitator who gave us practical, actionable tools to use when creating content and collaborating with colleagues.
— Leah Bonvissuto, Co-Founder and Coach at Bespoken