Build 21st Century Skills


Adaptable / Collaborative / Creative / Critical thinker / Curious / Empathetic / Inclusive / Influencer Listener / Mindful / Resilient / Resourceful / Risk-taker / Self-aware / Storyteller






The most important insight for me was learning the "why" behind the exercises, and the improvisation theories.



Lisa is a strong facilitator who tied the activities to skills that helped me understand how they would apply directly to work and life.

Buz Sawyer, Change Agent, Former President & CEO of Cheil Americas


Lisa's "Persuasive Pitches + Presentations" workshop was invaluable for helping me shape the pitch of my new feature film.



I learned to tell a story and take people on an emotional journey - instead of selling something - as well as make my pitch personal and relatable on a human level. 

- Michael Goldburg, Home on the Range Productions

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A great way to get out of your comfort zone and discover why you should be using the "yes and" ethos every day.


- Daniel Castro, Creative Director, Sky Pie Studio


The team building sessions have had a valuable and continuous impact on the team. We successfully identified opportunities for improvement and are motivated to work on implementing change.


- Gabe Isaac, Director of Operations, A/D/O - BMW Group


This communications workshop changed the way I think about and approach communication. I feel better prepared to tackle stressful situations after this!

- Hanne Brynildsen, Category Manager,


Lisa's workshop was a challenging, energizing way to spark creativity.



Her exercises pushed us to look at things from new angles and to stop judging our ideas. And of course, they were lots of fun!

- Hillary Nussbaum, Co-Leader, Filmshop


As a severe introvert, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get through the workshop, but the laid back and supportive atmosphere that Lisa created quickly brought me out of my shell, and I was able to relax my mind and bring out the more creative and fun side of myself. 

- Dawn O'Keefe, Systems Specialist, Con Edison



As an entrepreneur, Lisa has a natural talent for working with early stage startups and entrepreneurs to help them hone their story with passion and confidence.

- Derrick Foust, Education Manager, Made in NY Media Center