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Founder, Learning Designer, Facilitator

The driving force throughout my 20 year career is to empower people to be strong creative leaders.

From helping students master their communication skills in China to supporting executives to thrive in the digital revolution, I’m passionate about giving people the mindset and tools to solve their challenges. I bring questions instead of answers to push people to work and live differently - or as we say in improv, to follow their fears.

About 10 years ago I was personally stuck. To rediscover myself I dove head-first into new things that scared me: skydiving, snowboarding, and improvisational theater. Moving my body in new ways helped me reconnect with my playful side and changed the way I see the world. To my surprise, the skills I practiced in improv showed up in my professional life and helped me grow into a more self-aware, empathetic, adaptable leader. I learned to navigate chaos with confidence while having fun.

I founded Follow the Fear to bring play and experience-based learning to individuals and organizations to foster leadership, collaboration, and communication skills. I partner with a diverse group of smart, and inspirational people to deliver impactful programs for our clients.

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Lisa Pertoso empowers people to be strong creative leaders through her experiential learning company Follow the Fear.  She designs and facilitates programs for people and organizations to explore leadership, embrace collaboration, and communicate more clearly. Past clients have included Google’s 30 Weeks, BMW/Mini, TBWA, Equinox, Con Edison, and the 92Y.

In her 20 year career Lisa earned a Master’s degree in International Relations and enjoyed working and traveling in China, Australia, and Europe. Her past roles have included defending human rights for immigrants and women at several non-profits, and directing executive education at a creative business consultancy, which focused on human-centered organizational change and digital learning.

Lisa follows her fears every day as an improvisation performer, storyteller and writer. She's trained and played on several independent improv troupes on the main stages of The Annoyance NY, Magnet Theater, The PIT, UCB, and in dark bar basements with no stage. 

For years Lisa mused about dating and relationships with essays, interviews, and a podcast on the blog she created called 100 First Dates. In 2015, she co-produced and performed in a live comedy show based on her dating experiences. 

Off stage you can find her walking around Brooklyn with her partner and daughter, or napping on beaches in far off lands.*  

*writing about yourself in the 3rd person is weird.