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Realize and Activate.

True leadership starts from within. Explore your strengths and weaknesses, and the art of self-facilitation. Recognize how your behaviors and emotions affect others.

Valuable for those who manage teams and projects, are self-employed, or transitioning careers.


  • Be Agile: 21st Century Skills
  • Facilitate Yourself + Others
  • Digital Leader Mindset
  • Find a Career with Purpose


Connect and Inspire.

Find your voice to confidently present yourself and pitch your work. Understand the power of listening in real time to inspire and move people.

Valuable for those who want to practice speaking in front of groups or one-to-one interactions.  


  • Tell Your Story
  • Persuasive Pitches + Presentations
  • Amplify Your Voice: For Women
  • Effective Feedback + Difficult Conversations


Discover and Do.

Play like a kid again. Learn new methods to get out of your head and into the creative zone to brainstorm, innovate, collaborate and solve problems.

Valuable for teams in any industry, and creative entrepreneurs.


  • Art of Play: Team-Building
  • Creativity for Non-Creatives
  • Improvise Your Social Content
  • Mindfulness Through Improv