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Everyone is creative. Everyone has unique strengths. Everyone has the potential to lead. Sometimes we need a little push to discover our best selves.


To move towards the experiences that scare you. Because when you say goodbye to your comfort zone you enter a new place where real learning and growth can happen. “Follow the fear” was coined by the father of modern improvisational theater, Del Close.


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Each session is customized in collaboration with our clients. We listen closely through interviews and/or questionnaires, then design a facilitated experience to target specific skills and learning outcomes. 

Each planned activity builds onto the next in order to create an optimal environment to play and take risks. Participants take turns exploring the roles of active player and active observer.

After hands-on exercises we lead mini-debriefs to help participants discover how to connect the skills practiced to real-life situations, and how their behavior in the room mirrors how they act at the workplace.

Every session culminates in a reflection session - both writing and discussing - to turn participants’ insights into actionable next steps.

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