We live in the Digital Age where change is faster than we ever imagined - no matter your industry. Leaders and organizations are challenged to do more with smaller budgets, fewer team members, and to execute projects across borders and timezones.

How can you equip yourself and your team to stay relevant, competitive, and inspired? 

Creative leadership skills and attitudes are like muscles that need to be flexed often to stay strong. Improv is an accessible, engaging, and playful way to flex your muscles. 

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“I began to realize that improv for entrepreneurs was akin to weight lifting for professional football players, minus most of the grunting. It is a training regimen that transforms people into their most powerful and effective selves in a startup environment." 

- TechCrunch

"The hard skills required for a company's success are ever-changing, while the most critical soft skills remain constant."
- Business News Daily
"[Improv] applies to leadership and it applies to negotiation, where you never have control over what happens."