Lisa Pertoso, Founder

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Improv changed the way I saw the world and how I participated (played) in it.

Six years ago I turned my two major fears - being funny in front of an audience and being alone - into action. I took improv classes and challenged myself to go on over 100 first dates (and write about them). Did I fall in love? Yes. No, not with any of my dates but with the art of improvisation. 

To my surprise, the skills and behaviors I practiced in improv directly translated into my professional and personal life. I grew into a more empathetic, adaptable, and collaborative leader. Improv taught me to navigate chaos with confidence and playfulness. 

I design and facilitate programs for people and teams that are rooted in play. They focus on building leadership, communication, and creativity skills using methods from experiential learning and improvisational theater (more about my process here). 

I partner with the smartest, most playful and inspirational people from all over the globe to the deliver impactful programs for our clients. 

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BEspoken Partners

Lisa, Jackie, and Leah understand that when women harness their unique strengths to speak up, the world is a richer place. 

Jackie Miller and Leah Bonvissuto channel years of professional theater experience into adapting techniques to improve public speaking and professional communication skills. Learn more about BEspoken here.





Lisa likes Flux because they liberate people and companies for human and commercial benefit. who doesn't want that?

Flux Co-founders Jon Barnes and Jim Ralley teach people smart thinking and doing, with as little nonsense as possible. Learn more about them here.

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Shana Dressler

Shana and Lisa share a common drive to equip people with the tools and training needed to be innovative leaders. 

Shana Dressler has built decade-long career leading nurturing entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and social change leaders. Learn more about her here.



Terri Simon

Terri and Lisa both believe that play and laughter are essential for living a healthy, authentic life.

Terri creates and leads learning experiences that help individuals and teams move from thinking to doing by learning to take focused micro-actions that take big ideas and strategy into action. Learn more about Terri here.

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A long-time explorer and follower of her fears, Lisa Pertoso empowers people to change their own worlds with whatever resources are available - essentially to improvise.

Over the past 15 years Lisa has taught and traveled extensively in Asia, Central America, and Europe, earned a Master’s degree in International Relations, defended global human rights for women and youth in Washington DC and New York, and now helps people be strong creative leaders through experiential learning. 

Lisa is an experienced facilitator, writer, storyteller, and longform improvisation performer. She's trained and played with various teams - including the award winning Five for Vendetta - on the main stages of The Annoyance, Magnet Theater, The People's Improv Theater (PIT), Upright Citizen's Brigade (UCB), and in dark bar basements where there is no stage at all. 

For years Lisa mused about dating and relationships with essays, interviews, and a podcast on the blog she created called 100 First Dates. In 2015, she co-produced and performed in a live comedy show based on her dating experiences. 

Off stage you can find her whizzing around Brooklyn on her blue bike or napping on remote beaches in far off lands.  

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