Lisa Pertoso, Founder



Six years ago I turned my two major fears - being funny in front of an audience and being alone - into action. I took improv classes and challenged myself to go on over 100 first dates (and write about them). Did I fall in love? Yes. No, not with any of my dates but with the art of improvisation. 

Improv fundamentally changed the way I saw the world and how I participated (played) in it.

To my surprise, the skills and behaviors I practiced in improv directly translated into my professional and personal life. I grew into a more empathetic, adaptable, and collaborative leader. Improv taught me to navigate chaos with confidence and playfulness. 

Follow the fear is a philosophy from improv that means to go towards the things that scare you.

When you follow your fears you push yourself outside your comfort zone into the space where real growth happens. 

I design and facilitate programs for people and teams that are rooted in play. They focus on building leadership, communication, and creativity skills using methods from experiential learning and improvisational theater (more about my process here). 

I partner with the smartest, most playful and inspirational people from all over the globe to the deliver impactful programs for our clients. 

Humans are born to play but as we grow up we forget how.

When we enter a state of play in a safe and supportive environment we are free to take more risks to discover who we are, and who we can become. You don't ever need to perform on a stage to enjoy the rewards of improv you only need to want to play like a kid again.

What can improvisation do for you? Let's find out.